Sam Zimon completes their English Remix on Sibelius’ own Finlandia – could this be the new National Anthem?

“To us, Finlandia has always been about hope. Our remix is a tribute to the new modern Finland. Our Finland. The youth’s Finland. The world’s best country; where everyone gets to grow up in a safe environment and go to school. Where everyone can choose to study, find themselves, fail and succeed. We especially want to inspire our young ones to dare to be themselves. For them to go their own way, and in this way, to contribute to a new global Finland where society respects and encourages all.”

We are proud and excited to say that the next milestone has been met and that Sam Zimon’s name has been rife in German advocacy firms of late where they successfully were granted the permission to make their own new modern version of Sibelius’ national treasure - the Finlandia.