Sam Zimon releases music video for "4u" with TikTok superstar @jennifererica!

“About three years ago Sam and I started on this mutual journey. A journey where our music would decide where to go and what to do. We had no idea where the journey would end(still don’t) and what it would look like. Everything just felt right and we really loved(still do) getting up in the morning and work towards our dream.

In the beginning one of the most usual comments about our music was(still is) “you have to find your own sound “. Easy? Hell no! 

How do you find your own sound? We quickly understood that we had to grow and develop as musicians and artists, we had to do music. I can honestly say that this release, “4u”, is the first time when it really feels like there is something own, a Sam Zimon sound. I know it’s a cliché, but the sound was born from being outside your comfort zone and the right amount of luck when you try to do something new and unique. Guess the motivational quotes are accurate…” Zimon